Access Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case Online

If you filed bankruptcy in Colorado and your chapter 13 trustee is Doug Kiel, then you can access information about your bankruptcy case, including plan payments, on-line by setting up a free account at This site lets you view the details of your Chapter 13 Case any time.  I highly recommend it.

Have the following information on hand when you sign up:

  • Your Chapter 13 Case number
  • Name of Chapter 13 Trustee
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your current address

I recommend that all my clients who have Doug Kiel as their trustee create an account on this site.

If your trustee is Sally Zeman, she does not have a web site you can access to review your case and payment history.  However, you can always call her office at 303-830-1971 and speak with her knowledgeable and helpful staff.

September 18th 2013 |

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