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Credit Repair & Home Ownership After Bankruptcy in Denver

2013 March 27 by

Last night we held our second Credit Repair and Home Ownership After Bankruptcy Seminar.   Kevin J. Kust, Regional Manager at Continental Credit, LLC was our main presenter.   He gave an informative talk about what factors make up your FICO score and strategies for re-establishing credit after a bankruptcy.

Here is Kevin’s top 10 list of how to re-establish good credit after a bankruptcy:


Credit Repair & Home Ownership After Bankruptcy Seminar

  1. Re-establish credit ASAP starting with opening 1 Secured Credit Card.  After another 2-3 months get another secured credit card.  Installment loans are great to, but credit cards are most important.  (even clients in an active chapter 13 bankruptcy  can get approved and are able to open a secured credit cards as long as they are very low limits – have to be under $1000 limit.)
  2. After opening a secured card never exceed 30% of your available limit on each individual card.  Better yet, use these cards for only a few dollars every month and simply make your on-time payment to show you are keeping the account active and you are being responsible by not putting excessive debt on the account & you’re paying it on time.
  3. Stay away from offers/solicitations in the mail – OPT OUT of these offers by calling 888.567.8688.
  4. Do not apply for department store or jewelry accounts to re-establish credit history.  Secured credit cards are more versatile and ensure to grow your score with all 3 credit bureaus
  5. Open a secured installment loan with your local bank (however make sure you have at least 6-8 months of reestablished secured credit card history first)
  6. Your Checking/Savings accounts do not help re-build your credit profile.
  7. 90% of all Bankruptcies report INACCURATELY to the credit bureaus (i.e. accounts involved in the BK still show outstanding debts or do not appear to be involved in the BK, etc.)  Make sure your BK matches your declarations page and is reporting correctly on your credit report!
  8. Make sure all accounts from your bankruptcy report as “included in bankruptcy” and have a $0 balance associated with the account
  9. Monitor your credit.  Pull a report every 4-6 months to ensure your accounts are reporting correctly.
  10. Talk to an expert.  Call Kevin J. Kust – Regional Manager at Continental Credit Restoration (ph. 303.868.0373) for a free analysis on your credit profile and potential options to remove some of the Bankruptcy from your credit report.  Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act Bankruptcies CAN affect your scores for 7-10 years, but this DOESN’T mean that they HAVE TO.  Bankruptcies can and have been removed from credit profiles given the right circumstances.  Call Mr. Kust to find out how.

Photo of out top notch bankruptcy team

2013 March 18 by


We just had out semi-annual firm development t meeting last week. We took a quick picture of us all together. We have a great experienced bankruptcy staff.

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2012 March 26 by

Jennifer Richmond

Paralegal Assistant

1. Where did you work before coming to work at Bankruptcy Law Professionals and what did you do there?

Before I came to work with Bankruptcy Law Professionals, I was a Legal Assistant for The Law Offices of Stevens and DiSante in Littleton. I directed calls and welcomed clients for one attorney while preparing documents, requesting medical records, and managing the office for the other attorney.

2. What will your duties in your new role be?

My new role will be setting appointments for clients, receiving and scanning all documents into client files, scheduling Jesse’s calendar and gathering marketing information for the firm.

3. What do you most look forward to working on?

I look forward to improving my own multitasking abilities while hopefully making my coworkers’ lives smoother and more manageable.

4. Outside of work, what are your interests?

Being a mother of four and a part-time student occupies nearly all of my time! But, I dream of having enough hours in the day to stay in a committed yoga routine – yoga is the best! I am also a Certified Massage Therapist.

5. Why do you like working in bankruptcy law?

Bankruptcy gives people a relatively quick new lease on life – a fresh start. I love assuring people through what can be a difficult time and assisting the firm in providing that bridge to a new beginning.

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2011 November 1 by

Kristen Fundenberger

Pre-Filing Paralegal


1. Tell me about your role at Bankruptcy Law Professionals – what is a typical day like?

I am the Pre-Filing Paralegal for all new clients. That means that I talk with new clients to set up their initial consultation with the attorney and make sure that all their bankruptcy documents are collected before we file their bankruptcy with the court. A typical day consists of receiving calls for all new clients and following up with clients who still need to retain our firm and provide us with their documents. I review client files, scan their documents, and make sure their file is all ready for us to prepare their case and schedule their signing appointment. I am also Jesse’s assistant, which consists of taking his voicemails, scheduling his calendar, and working on marketing material for him.

2. What do you enjoy most about your work?

I most enjoy being able to work from home. I also like that this job is not stressful, as most of the clients are kind and just appreciate all the help that Jesse and the firm are doing to help them with their debt. I like helping people, and I get to talk with clients every day, even though I wish sometimes that I could meet them face to face!

3. What were you doing before you joined Bankruptcy Law Professionals?

Before I joined BLP, I worked as the Associate Director for Admissions at Colorado Christian University for five years. I helped lead the Admissions team, recruited potential students from Northern Colorado, and helped students and their families decide if CCU was the right fit for them. I enjoyed my job and was able to earn my MBA for free while I worked there – which was a huge plus!

4. What are your goals for the future?

My career goals are not as clear or set in stone, as my family goals. I am having my first baby – a BOY – in late February. My husband and I are excited to finally be parents and love on this little one as much as possible! I have wanted to be a mom since I can remember, and this is a dream come true for me personally. As for my future career goals, I hope to one day use my MBA to help women experience fresh new starts. I have always had a passion for women with rough pasts or who have not had the greatest chances to succeed at life. I would hope to one day be part of an organization that helps these women get on their feet again, and discover their God-given purpose!

5. What do you like about living in Colorado?

To start, I grew up in El Paso, Texas – you got to love living on the border – except that most people just drive through El Paso and don’t stay for long. That being said, I love everything about living in Colorado! I have lived here for over 10 years, and I have enjoyed that we get all four seasons here. I enjoy the mountains, the community I have here, and the fact that I met my husband here. I love the local church I am part of out here, and I don’t plan on moving anytime soon!

6. If you could win a dream vacation, where would you go and what would you do there?

If I could win a dream vacation, I would want it to be a cruise or tour of Europe with my husband. He has never been, and I absolutely love Europe. I would want to do a three-week trip touring Europe with a really nice camera to capture all our favorite memories. I would want Ireland and Italy to be included in that tour. I love to travel and my passport is always ready for a good trip overseas!

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2011 November 1 by

We are excited about the launch of our new and improved website at

The new site includes our blog, which has articles on budgeting, bankruptcy tips, and more. It also includes client forms, bankruptcy resources, staff bios, and more.

We would love to hear any ideas you have for improving it. Would you like to see more helpful articles, forms, or other resources?

Let us know! Leave a comment on this blog post.

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2011 October 6 by


I understand you worked for Jesse two years ago, then went law school. Tell me what you did for Jesse back then.
In August 2006, my wife and I had moved from Chicago to the Denver-area so my wife could start her Master’s program. I found Jesse’s office through the Christian Legal Society directory. I started out as a case preparation paralegal. About a year later, I switched positions to work as the case manager. In that position, I oversaw the entire life of our clients’ cases from consult to discharge (or plan confirmation). I also answered our clients’ questions about their cases. I left the firm in the summer of 2008 to move back to Illinois to begin law school at Northern Illinois University, College of Law, Dekalb, IL.

Did you plan to specialize in bankruptcy law?
I wasn’t sure what area of law I wanted to specialize in when I started school, but I knew that I wanted to practice law to help people by making the legal system more accessible to those in need.

What made you contact Jesse after you graduated?
Jesse and I stayed in contact over e-mail and Facebook after I left. During my last year of school, I e-mailed him to get his advice and insight into the current legal market. The long and short of it is, Jesse offered me a position to come on as an associate when I finished school. I was thrilled at the opportunity because I really enjoy Jesse as a person and respect him as an attorney and manager.

In your soon-to-be attorney position, what will your role/duties be in the firm?
As an attorney I will have lots of new responsibilities. I will sign my name to the documents that are filed with the court. I will meet with clients to provide them with legal counsel. Additionally, I will also appear before the court on our client’s behalf and accompany them to their 341 meetings, which is a fact-gathering meeting with the creditors.

What do you enjoy most about bankruptcy law?
The part of bankruptcy law that I enjoy the most is hearing our clients’ stories and being able to offer them hope and a real opportunity with a fresh start. I also enjoy trying to figure out how the “weird” cases should get resolved.

Once you’ve completed the bar exam, what will you do with your spare time?
Once the bar is over I look forward to spending my free time with my wonderful wife, our fun little two-year old boy, and our daughter that is due here this September. In addition to spending time with my family I love brewing beer at home, mountain biking, camping, and snowboarding. I am very much looking forward to this next chapter in my life.

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Team Member Spotlight

2011 June 10 by

Diana & Franz Schneider


Tell me about your background before you joined Bankruptcy Law Professionals.

I worked as a church secretary for six years (from 2002 to 2008), then stopped working in August 2008 to marry my love as well as take some time off until April 2009 when I started working as the File and Admin Clerk for Bankruptcy Law Professionals.

What does a typical work day look like for you?
I am currently the Pre-filing Paralegal, which means I work on data entry/case preps. I spend most of my day typing our client’s information into our Bankruptcy Case software, which takes anywhere from three to five hours per case. Mix in phone calls, emails, as well as filing cases and documents electronically for our clients and you’ve got a good picture of a typical day as a Pre-filing Paralegal.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I love working for Jesse (he’s a super-boss) and I enjoy all my hardworking coworkers. I love the flexibility of what I do and being able to problem-solve and help others out. One of the most satisfying things is to be able to help a client solve a problem and make their day brighter.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love interior design and am currently in the process of decorating and remodeling our recently purchased home. Anything DIY or home-project related gets me super excited. I love me a good Before and After. I also have a side-business/hobby of photography; it’s so fun to capture someone’s moment on film!

If you won the lottery today, what would you do?
Hmmm, I think I would use some towards remodeling and paying off our house, give a part to people I know that are in need, a part to my local church/missions, and use the rest to go shopping at IKEA!


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