Stop bank garnishments. Get the money back with an emergency Chapter 13.

2013 March 25 by

A gentleman come to see me last week in a complete panic. He checked his bank balances on-line in the morning only to discover that his account had just been garnished. The creditor took everything in his account. There was nothing left in his accounts.

He was in financial crisis. The creditor took over $8,000 out of his personal bank account.  They gave him no notice.  Part of the money was his tax refund the other part was money he received from a settlement he won against someone. He was presently unemployed and had no other money to support his family except for what was sized from his bank account by one of his creditors.

Could we help him? Could we stop the bank garnishment?

Youbetcha! We filed an emergency chapter 13 bankruptcy and demanded return of the garnished funds.

The creditors released the funds back to the relief of our client. Crisis averted.

If you’ve been sued by a creditor for defaulting on a credit card or other debt it’s only a matter of time before they garnish your wages or garnish bank accounts.

By quickly filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy (not chapter 7) you can demand return of funds garnished from the bank account from most creditors. That’s the power of the automatic stay and chapter 13 bankruptcy in action!