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Surviving Debt: A Must-Read

2013 May 3 by

Bankruptcy is just one of many possible solutions to your debt problems.   Our firm is not a bankruptcy mill.   We want to do what’s best for you.

Are unsure whether hiring a bankruptcy attorney is best for you, your family or your business?  Don’t spin your wheels spending hours on line trying to research your options.  I wholeheartedly suggest you pick up a copy of the book  “Surviving Debt”  published by the National Consumer Law Center.

Surviving Debt is a GREAT book!     I can’t recommend it enough.   I have bought and handed out copies of this valuable resource to my clients over the last 13 years of being a Denver bankruptcy lawyer.

Surviving Debt

The 2013 version of the book includes the following topics:

  • Dealing with Debt Collectors
  • Which Debts to Pay First
  • Saving Your Home from Foreclosure
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Student Loans
  • Your Credit Report
  • When and When Not to Refinance
  • Strategies to Prevent Repossessions
  • How to Defend Collection Lawsuits
  • How to Find Effective Credit Counseling Agencies
  • Your Bankruptcy Rights, and much more.

Follow this link to review and purchase the book from the National Consumer Law Center: or see if it is available in your local library.


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