Bankruptcy Education: It’s a Great 1st Step

Bankruptcy Law Professionals of Colorado has prepared and compiled the following resources for our clients and those considering bankruptcy as a method of improving their financial future.

You’ll learn:

And much more about the process, the requirements, and the benefits of bankruptcy. We also provide helpful advice about getting your good credit back after bankruptcy. We hope you find the following bankruptcy information helpful to you.

Downloadable Resources

Bankruptcy Illustrations
Top 16 Myths About Bankruptcy

Answers to Common Bankruptcy Questions

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Fact Sheet

Your Legal Rights During and After Bankruptcy

Using Credit Wisely After Bankruptcy

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Educational Video Resources on Bankruptcy

Introduction to Bankruptcy
Types of Bankruptcy
Limits of Bankruptcy

Other Resources

Bankruptcy and Financial Aid with Student Loans
Veracity Credit Consultants

Veracity Credit

Links to Helpful Bankruptcy Information

Colorado Foreclosure Hotline